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Teeth Whitening Services Las Vegas

A great set of white teeth is something that everyone strives for, but that daily tea or coffee could be hindering you from achieving your pearly whites. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite drink nor your confidence, as there are plenty of dental services out there than can drastically whiten your teeth in no time. These services vary from gels to UV lights, and each one offers you different results. Some can be done at home, but if you want whiter teeth faster, it would be best to get in-office whitening done.

Whitening Toothpastes

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to whiten teeth as it does not disrupt your daily schedule at all. This type of toothpaste can be over-the-counter or specially prescribed by a dentist. Prescribed toothpaste will most likely be stronger and will work faster to get the results you want, compared to over-the-counter toothpaste.

These pastes usually contain a bleaching agent, such as peroxide, that whitens the teeth. The stronger the bleaching agent, the faster your teeth will whiten. This type of whitening is very gentle and will unlikely leave you with any side effects. That comes at a cost, though, as it will not get your teeth as white as the other options.

Home-Use Whiteners

These whiteners will give you faster results than toothpaste. You also have a variety of options with home whiteners, there are trays, strips, rinses, and brushes. These whiteners work with the use of peroxide and works best with long-term use. They can be prescribed to you or sold over the counter.
With trays, your dentist must make them special for your teeth. A gel is applied inside the trays and then you just wear them for however long your dentist tells you. Don’t forget to take them out, though, as the peroxide can irritate your teeth.
These work faster than toothpaste, but may disrupt your daily schedule a little bit.

In-Office Teeth Whitening in Nevada

This is probably the best way to get your teeth whitened. When getting your teeth whitened in-office, you’re are under the supervision of professionals, for one, and they use stronger products that can’t be sold over the counter. It usually takes about an hour, and you notice the difference immediately. Since the peroxide is so strong, your gums are covered with gel or rubber to avoid irritation. Teeth can be whitened with lasers and UV also. This option is perfect for people that can’t tolerate peroxide.

Side Effects

Those pearly whites can sometimes come at a cost. Within a few days after treatment, your teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. It can also irritate your gums for a short time. These side effects usually go away after a few days, but if they don’t, consult your dentist.
A great set of white teeth can really boost confidence, and your smile. There are a lot of ways for you to whiten your teeth, so don’t fret if one option doesn’t work for you. Some work faster than others, and some are more expensive than others. There is an option that fits everyone’s schedule and needs. It can be done from the comfort of your own home, or from the comfort of the dentist’s office.