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Mommy Makeover Las Vegas

If you are disappointed with the way that your body looks after pregnancy, then visiting a plastic surgeon for a mommy makeover is a great option. Mommy makeover procedures are focused on repairing several problems that occur from pregnancy. In addition, you will require only one recovery time, making it easier to return to your family and work responsibilities.

Who Qualifies For Having a Mommy Makeover?

To have a mommy makeover, plastic surgeons recommend that you have completed all of your pregnancies. It is better to wait until you have recovered fully from childbirth, and you should stop breast-feeding an infant several months before the procedures. Mommy makeovers are designed for healthy females who have already attempted to lose some weight with a healthy diet and an exercise routine. Before having any plastic surgery, you will need a complete examination to determine if you have medical issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus.

What Is Included In a Mommy Makeover?

A plastic surgeon will evaluate your body to determine what the best surgeries are to return your body to its previous condition. Some women believe that a mommy makeover helps them to look better than they did before becoming pregnant. The surgical procedures for a mommy makeover focus on the body parts or regions that change during pregnancy. Here are some of the procedures that a plastic surgeon can perform on a female after her pregnancies:

• Tummy tucks – abdominoplasty to repair the abdominal zone
• Liposuction – to remove pockets of fat from the buttocks, abdomen or thighs
• Breast lift – lifting sagging breast tissue
• Breast reduction – removing fatty tissue before repositioning the areolas and nipples
• Breast augmentation – inserting implants into the breasts
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Today, a surgeon can use modern computer software so that you can see how your body will change from the procedures.

What Happens During Each Procedure?

You will need general and local anesthesia for a mommy makeover, and the amount of time required for the procedures is different for each woman. If you have requested liposuction, then these procedures are performed first by making tiny incisions in the skin before inserting tubes that are used to suction the pockets of fat from underneath the skin.

For a tummy tuck, a plastic surgeon will make horizontal or vertical incisions on the abdomen to lift the skin to tighten it to eliminate any sagging, and this procedure typically includes cutting away the extra skin along with the underlying fatty tissues. With this procedure, a surgeon can create a flatter tummy, but it also helps to contour the skin on the hips and back, leading to a more defined waistline.

The breast surgery varies depending on if you are having a lift, reduction or implants. Reductions are the most complex types of surgeries while lifts are the least complex. The incisions for breast surgery are made in the navel or underneath the breasts. A surgeon can push an implant into the breast through the navel opening.

What Is the Recovery Process From a Mommy Makeover in Las Vegas?

Most women require two to four weeks to recover from their plastic surgeries, and during this time, they need to rest while the body heals. Women may not be able to drive a vehicle, lift heavy items or perform household duties while recovering from a mommy makeover. No matter where you live in Southern Nevada, we recommend contacting our Summerlin plastic surgeons, because they are the best in town. There are thousands of surgeons in Las Vegas, but we work with some of the top ones. If you’d like to contact our staff, use our website or phone number.