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Chin Enhancement Surgery Las Vegas

Chin enhancement surgery in Las Vegas is designed for those who dislike the shape or definition of their chin. This surgery is popular amongst both men and women and can reduce, reshape, or even increase the size and shape of one’s chin. By enhancing the chin, the individual’s profile is better defined and their face shape changes. This can help balance other features. For example, an individual with sharp features but an ill-defined chin can look cosmetically odd. This surgery helps to align all of your features and improve the overall appearance of the face.

Procedure Options For Las Vegas Residents

Chin augmentation can be done both surgically and non surgically. Surgical enhancement involves taking a piece of bone from the mandible and putting it into the chin. This adds definition and overall enhancement. Non-surgical chin enhancement uses fillers instead of bone. This is comparable to botox or other dermal injection in the face; fillers are injected into the chin non-surgically- often through a needle. The effects of these procedures are different; surgical enhancement can last a life time where as fillers may only last a few months and will need to be redone.

Risks Involved With The Procedures

Just like any other surgery or procedure, chin enhancement comes with risks and side effects to be aware of. Risks for this procedure include infection, poor scarring, a bad reaction to anesthesia, and the possibility of your implant shifting over time. By choosing a skilled, qualified surgeon you can minimize your risk for these complications and help ensure a successful and healthy surgery.


The recovery period for chin enhancement surgery is fairly short. Generally, patients are back to work and daily routines in about seven days. After surgery, however, it is important to sleep on your back with your head and neck elevated for a few weeks while your implants heal. It is important to take it easy for a few weeks after surgery, avoiding strenuous exercises or daily routines. Your body is healing, and it’s essential to give it the time it needs to rest. Swelling will last between one and three months. After the swelling has gone done, you will be able to see the actual look of your implants.

Other Options

If you are on the fence about Las Vegas chin enhancement, there are other options that can yield similar effects to the face and profile. Neck liposuction, cheek implants, and rhinoplasty are all viable options to help reshape the dimensions of the face. Talk to a cosmetic surgeon to decide which procedure(s) are right for your desired look.

If you are uncomfortable with the dimensions or definition of your jaw or face, and you would like to consider chin enhancement, contact your doctor today. At your consultation, your doctor will be able to determine if you are a viable candidate for chin enhancement and can help you picture what your face will look like after the surgery. Do not live unhappily because of your face or jaw; contact your Las Vegas doctor today and get the look that you want.

There are many doctors that can help you with chin enhancement surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada. We recommend these plastic surgeons if you live in Summerlin. You also might want to consider a vampire facial, because these can really improve your physical appearance. People from all over the world come to Nevada for these surgeries.